Do Runners Carry Slide Rules?


Spotted this sign while on a bike ride through Griffith Park on Saturday. It seems to be informing you that you’re on mile 3 of your 5K run. Very helpful indeed.

6 thoughts on “Do Runners Carry Slide Rules?”

  1. I looked it up before I posted this and 3 miles is 4.8 miles according to Google. A 20% margin of error seems a little high for my taste in race distance measuring.

    But even it’s exactly 3 miles, why are they measuing a 5K/10K race (which is what Run for a Green LA is) in miles?

  2. This is pretty typical in running, mixing the miles and kilometers, and is why I protest moving any faster than 4 miles per hour without at least two wheels assisting me.

    But, Mile 3 I beleve doesn’t indicate you’ve finished three miles, but that you’ve begun the third mile.

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