Breast Cancer Research Gone Wild

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I never thought I would see the day when I was offended by a breast cancer awareness billboard, but this one was so crass and disgusting that I had to look again just to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Will the follow-up billboards have a Mardi Gras them and say, “Show Me Your Tit?”

Really, folks, this is pretty gross.

15 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Research Gone Wild”

  1. Hmm, I thought this was pretty clever, and not offensive at all. Clearly we’re interpreting this in different ways, but I don’t really understand how it could be offensive? I don’t understand how you “mardi gras” followup joke makes sense? I don’t think this billboard has anything to do with girls gone wild or anything like that. The Komen foundation focuses on one thing – breasts. Or, since people tend to have 2 of them, they focus on 2 things. That’s all I got out of this.

  2. I was wondering what these were advertising. I only saw them soon enough to get the quick glimpse of breasts without having a chance to read the text.

  3. I’m not bothered by it (and I’m unusually sensitive to misogyny). I just thought they should have hired a better graphic designer. The billboards are way too hard to read, and the whole “Actually, 2 things” subtitle is too verbose for a billboard and not really clever enough to justify taking up that kind of space.

  4. Anything that gets people to say “BREAST CANCER” is good. As in, “Dude, did you see that Breast Cancer ad? It was hot!”

    And I’m not kidding. It makes the topic “cool”, and trust me, guys don’t want chicks to get breast cancer.

    However, I’m wondering what the ads for cervical or prostate cancer would look like if made by the same agency…

  5. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and i work in prostate cancer research. if the ad agency can raise awareness for it, i’m all for it. I don’t care how they do it, serious, scary, funny, a little racy – just do it. It’s worth it. If it offends 100 people, and saves 1 person’s life, it’s worth it.

  6. My Grandma and two aunts are breast cancer survivor and if this edgy ad created some awareness of breast cancer, then that is fine with me! Please people, it’s not like they showed an after picture of a masectomy.

  7. If it offends 100 people, and saves 1 person’s life, it’s worth it.

    This is my take on these kinds of things as well. I’ve got a shirt I wear all the time that says “Fuck Cancer” and I know it pisses some people off. But it pisses me off that wonderful people in my life have died of preventable diseases. I’d rather educate and perhaps save even one person at the risk of offending every other person in the world than play it overly safe.

    Also, it’s important to remember that you’re probably not the demographic this is aimed at. Different messages reach different people and they’re probably trying very hard to raise awareness among people who have been traditionally uninterested (e.g., guys).

  8. If it’s the billboard I’m thinking of, the important thing is that it finally replaced that stupid Vegan ad on Hyperion with the body-builder and a little bird. :)

    It’s not the Vegans, or bodybuilders, or little birds that annoyed me, but for some reason the combination on that ad irritated the hell out of me.

  9. I tend to agree with the masses on this. Raising awareness about cancer is REALLY important and if it takes making jokes about breasts, tatas, tits, whatever… I’m all for it. And since men DO tend to focus (albeit briefly) on breasts, why not exploit that.

  10. LMAO…666 a prude or in the closet. Either is too much for my brain to process. When I first saw the board I chuckled but I’m a pig at heart with a big wide line to cross before I am offended.

  11. If this is crass and disgusting, then what the hell were Angelyne’s billboards?? This is not crass and disgusting.

  12. What I love are all the huge “Norbit” billboards around town with the tagline, “Have you ever made a BIG mistake?”

  13. It doesn’t go far enough…and it’s BAD advertising. The best billboard would be a giant pair of perfect bare breasts captioned “SAVE THESE”.

    That’ll get some donations.


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