Best Car Wash and Detailing near Silver Lake?

The only place I’ve ever taken my car to in order to get it washed, over on Sunset and Alvarado seems to have shut down. I’ve got a leased vehicle about to be turned back in and want to get it super cleaned before it’s inspected, any suggestions? I need the works, especially super vacuuming inside on the floorboards and stuff. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Best Car Wash and Detailing near Silver Lake?”

  1. I haven’t had detailing, but I always go to the place at Prospect and Vermont. Never had any problems.

    Well, wait, once I bought a bag of nuts inside and it was expired by like a year, but what the hell was I thinking buying carwash snacks anyway. :)

  2. I usually use the car wash on Virgil, just south of the Silver Lake Blvd, Temple, Devil’s triangle. I haven’t had anything bad happen there. They seem to do a good job for me.

  3. I applaud your noble intentions but I just turned in my VW and was sweating the inspection too. It was a couple of days before Xmas but he really didn’t look very hard at it (he was sure to let me know about that) and in fact missed what I was most worried he’d point out.

    The only thing he dinged me for was a gouged wheel. Totally missed a pretty significant crunch, plus a lot of little dings.

    In other words, don’t spend a shitload of money on this caper.

  4. Are you talking about the car wash on Sunset/Alvarado right across from Pizza Buono? I was just watching them wash cars there Sunday afternoon. Are you sure it’s closed down?

  5. Went there 3 weeks ago and was told by the guys selling tickets that the place was sold and the new owners were not going to be keeping the car wash open.

  6. I stand corrected. While we’re at it, you may want to check the spelling of “preparatory” on your website. You know, in the part where you mention that you weren’t invited back to a private school and you’re proud of it ?

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