Some people are really stoked on Jesus

I saw this van while I was driving and I had to snap a few photos of it. I couldn’t believe that this person was so amped on Jesus and Christmas (in February mind you) that they had to advertise it all over their shitbox mini van. It’s like, fuck… now I know YOU exist… thanks for bumming my world out buddy. Wait, all those weaknesses and sins won’t make me happy? Damn!
(more shitty cellphone photos of the Jesus-mobile after the jump)



4 thoughts on “Some people are really stoked on Jesus”

  1. That’s downright scary. Almost makes Stalin, Hitler, Kim and Pol Pot’s cults of personality seem benign.

    Fanaticism never ends well…

  2. Its shit like this that reminds me why I love LA. Long live the individual who goes about their way celebrating what ever his phobia, neurosis or other mental malfunction they have. Entertains me to no end and just every once in a while they stop me in my tracks and make me think.

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