Offshore Report (February 2nd)

bla-sealionhmmm.jpgdolphinicon.gifI’m not the only one with an Offshore report this week. LATimes puts together more than a few observations regarding the blossoming sea lion population, Orcas heading south and the strange fish coming out of the past and up from the depths.

dolphinicon.gifThe Whale Census project has been reporting quite a bit of cetacean activity off the coast. Highlights from this week include Wednesday’s notes:

The most exciting thing we saw today was fin whales. We found a splash about 4 miles out, then there was another splash, then we saw a breach. At first we thought it might be a humpback, but we did not see the long pecs. Then it breached again and we saw the white under side of the whale, which is when we realized that it was a fin whale. We think there were 5 breaches and we also saw a lunge.

dolphinicon.gifThe census has also plotted the migration trend for this season that shows that the arrival of Gray Whales on our shores is delayed from previous years. report numbers have also varied widely, from days where only five whales are spotted (January 5th) to the following day when 34 whales were plotted passing Pt. Vicente.

The warmer season and later appearance of ice in the Bering and Chuckchi Seas have likely kept the Gray Whales up in Alaskan waters longer to feed. This may result in a larger “crossover” period as whales are going both north and south past our coast in February and as late as March.

dolphinicon.gifDon’t forget about the Blogging dot LA Whale Watch Tour going out for our own Offshore Adventure on Monday, February 19th. At the moment we have at least a dozen readers signed up!

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