Los Feliz


Spotted on Hillhurst across from Nature Mart (at Ambrose).

One of my favorite things about LA compared to the east coast: people actually drive their neat old cars.

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  1. That guy must’ve lived there forever because I lived two blocks from that Albertson’s when I first moved here nine years ago and I used to see it around even back then.

  2. Yeah… people here can drive their old cars because those cars haven’t dissolved into a pile of rust due to salted roads… growing up in the Adirondack area of NY State I remember cars literally held together with wire and coat hangers… My mother had an old Dodge Rambler that had seen too many winters, and one day I was goofing off in the back seat (I was around 10 years old) and I actually put my foot right through the floor of the car. Very dangerous when I think about it today – sort of like Fred Flintstone in a way. They don’t use salt on the roads much any more, but there are still plenty of old half dissolved cars up there. Those cars look like they drove through a pool of acid or something.

    Viva LA – land of the “well preserved” old cars!

  3. I dated a guy about 20 years ago who had this great black Cadillac hearse, and we’d drive all over SoCal to clubs and concerts in it. It was a great party car. He had a mini-sofa thing in the back and we’d pack our friends in it and drive all over place. Pity his neighbors hated it and threw wet cement on it. It was a real shame when he let legal trouble get in the way and it got impounded. He didn’t have the $$ to get it out and it got auctioned off. I truly hope a Hearse enthusiast got that great old car and fixed it up.

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