Crane collapses on 405/101 Interchange

Was in Encino this afternoon and saw four news copters hovering over 405. Got back to my desk and read the longest Sigalert traffic collision report ever. There was a huge accident involving a gigantic, collapsed construction crane. Read about it here. A few people were injured but so far no deaths reported. Traffic’s been backed up for 10 miles on 405 North for the last three hours. They’ve shut down the highway and do not plan to re-open it until 5pm. Mooninites declared chief suspects.

9 thoughts on “Crane collapses on 405/101 Interchange”

  1. OMG, that’s really scary and sad. Plus, I drive on the 405 and 101 almost everyday for work and school. I can’t imagine the traffic hell that must’ve caused.

  2. OMG – traffic on the westside is stopped. Completely. You can’t go anywhere. I’m stuck at work now

  3. Same here…catching up on filing. Santa Monica Blvd in Century City is a parking lot both directions.

  4. Well, after seeing how this accident which, amazingly, caused no deaths, tied up the entire west side of the city down past LAX, I am glad I live Downtown, even though we get such bad press from the rest of the city. It just underscores how completely out of control the traffic problem is in LA and the area in general. Tuesday evening it took me 90 minutes to go from Downtown to Beverly Hills (about 12 miles) at 5:30… and there was no crane accident. That was after getting to Downtown from OC (30 miles) in less than 45 minutes.

    Glad it wasn’t a far worse accident.

  5. Traffic on the westside was bad, but compared to the people sitting in the north bound parking lot, I wasn’t complaining too much. I take Beverly Glen to get from UCLA to my apartment in Palms.

  6. I spent 4 housr in traffic tring to go from my moms house in Santa Monica to my houme is Silver lake. The only good thing is tha tmaybe it will convince everyone to statr taking the bus!! which was zooming by us in the bus lane on Santa Monica Bl. ( I usually take the bus, but I need the car yeasterday to take mum to Dr. appoitments and all)

  7. Re: CEC

    “Tuesday evening it took me 90 minutes to go from Downtown to Beverly Hills (about 12 miles) at 5:30”

    90 minutes? Unless there was an incident you are doing something wrong, I do the route often and max is 45 min. And from OC (Beach Blvd) I can easily make it to BH in an hour (except Fridays)via the 405.

  8. Actually my above post was in regards to the post by:

    Posted by: Kenarch at February 2, 2007 08:20 PM

    Not CEC, lo siento.

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