Chewbacca Arrested! Oh Noes!

In October, I wrote on my blog:

I stood next to W.C. Fields as I watched Chewbacca take off his head and scream obscenities at Spider Man.

It was just another day in Hollywood.

Today, via Defensetech, I learned that Chewbacca was arrested:

The LAPD says a person dressed as Chewbacca was arrested for head butting a tour guide, who told the character he shouldn’t be asking a tourist for money.

[. . .]

Chewbacca’s colleagues say he’s has been causing trouble and that’s bad for business.

Ever since Elmo was arrested, the balance of power on Hollywood Boulevard has been severely out of whack, and it was just a matter of time before Chewbacca snapped. I understand that the Scream Guy and a couple of Supermans have tried to reach out to Chewie, but they clearly haven’t been able to get through to him. I hope that little tough love and an intervention can get the troubled wookie back on track.

Update: CBS has the story on their website, but without the totally rockin’ video from ABC.

And by the way, if you haven’t watched the video, it’s truly priceless, especially when Elmo points and laughs at Chewie as he’s put into the police cruiser, and George Pennacchio gets serious reaction from the other characters on the street. As my friend said to me last night, there’s a really great sadcore indie documentary in these guys.

As much as I hate ABC, I have to give them a fish biscuit on this one.

5 thoughts on “Chewbacca Arrested! Oh Noes!”

  1. anyone have any idea how much (if any) these people can make out there? The androgynous red-winged demon spent a lot of time on that costume.

  2. O.

    The video is priceless. I hope it goes into the time capsule and is one of four clues left about our civilization.

    I love how they wait until the last 10 seconds of the segment to clarify that “this is not the actor who portrayed Chewbacca in the movie; this is just the guy who plays him on Hollywood Boulevard” – after they’ve been hyping “Chewbacca arrested” the whole time. But the straight-faced interviews of Spiderman and Ghost Face are awesome.

  3. Hey, All…Not defending his temper, but I know FIRSTHAND how the press can twist things around just to hype things up for their ratings. I’m not just a character from Hollywood Blvd, I’m the Freddy Krueger impersonator who got falsely arrested last year and slandered all over the world with wild, bizzare stories that I stabbed a street person. The truth was that there was a guy high on drugs (NOT in a costume) running around attacking people at random. I had metal claws, but NOT actual knives on my Freddy glove – NOT to use as a weapon, but just trying to be as professional and authentic as possibl and had worked as that character for YEARS without any prior incident at all. The random attacker physically assaulted me out of the blue and, in the process, got HIMSELF accidentally scraped a little bit (The whole thing happened in just seconds), and ran off to assault more people down the street before he was stopped by security. In a desperate attempt to divert attention away from the things HE had done, knowing police were on their way, he harped on his little scrape claiming I had stabbed him and would not comment on his own behaviour. Of course, the police were anxious to turn against us characters and saw a juicy story for themselves and took the drugged-up man seriously, and carted ME off despite other character witnesses who had told them I never attacked the guy and was the victim instead. They weren’t interested in that part until it came time to back their accusations up in court 5 days later. Since all evidence supported that I never attacked him, the entire incident was dropped as a D.A. reject. Meanwhile, other characters were in an uproar in my defense during my 5 days held inn jail. (I had never been in any legal trouble before in my life.) I was not present for Chewie’s arrest, so I can’t say what did or did not happen, but I CAN say the press really twists things around like this.

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