CB4 Back In Theaters!

gang3.JPGIn 1993 Chris Rock started in one of the funniest movies I’d ever seen. It was called CB4 and was a mockumentary about gangsta rap, specifically NWA. Chris Elliott starred as the film maker which made it all that much better. The character “Dead Mike” has one of the best scenes ever when he’s working at a phone sex company prior to the band taking off. Well I just found out that it’s coming back to theaters in March! Except now it’s called Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary. It also has a different cast, the film maker is being played by Damon “Coke” Daniels who also wrote and directed it, and didn’t mention CB4 anywhere in the press release I just got. In fact, if I didn’t know better I’d think they think this is a new movie unrelated to CB4 at all. But come on, one of the guys in the group is named “Murder Mike.” I wrote the publicist back pointing out that this movie already came out in 1993 and she replied saying “CB4 is a funny ass movie, but not the same! hahaha” I asked her to hook me up with a pass to the screening so I can compare and contrast. She said she’ll keep me posted. I own CB4 on DVD so you know I’ll be taking notes.

Brandy Facing Manslaughter charges?

brandy.jpgThis story about Brandy has been a pretty hot topic recently. Just about every local news broadcast I’ve seen is mentioning it, local radio is talking about it and now that authorities are considering Manslaughter charges it’s getting way more press. An interesting thing to me is that it’s a new twist on this same story we’ve heard time and time again because this is a celebrity involved in a accident that didn’t involve alcohol or drugs, it seems she simply wasn’t paying attention. But but big issue is, is that better or worse? How many time driving around LA have you almost been hit by some idiot on a cell phone or someone putting on eye shadow using the rear view mirror for that rather than watching the road? It’s a pretty frequent event as far as I can tell and if your experience is anything like mine chances are someone in the car usually says “Christ! Pay attention jack ass! You’re going to kill someone!” And now that’s exactly what happened. Let’s look at this – it’s a misdemeanor charge that has a maximum 1 year in jail. Does anyone actually think Brandy is going to do a day of that? Or more likely she’ll get slapped with some community service, parole, perhaps a fine for damages, and maybe her license yanked. But what about those kids whose mother is now dead because someone wasn’t paying attention when they were driving?

Women’s History In Los Angeles

I always forget to check the SoCal Studio’s MySpace page to find out what’s happening down there, which is how I didn’t find out about Saturday’s Chinatown Walk in time. However, they are running the Los Angeles Women exhibit through May. They’re in Chinatown, at 525 Alpine Street, Suite 103, 90012, and are open Saturdays if you want to go visit. I’m definitely going to check this out as soon as I get back to L.A. next week.
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Comedy minus 47-drink minimums


So Bill Gates wants to “revolutionize” television, and YouTube wants to share revenue with you to create the next Speak The Hungarian Rapper video. Downside? There will be more crap to wade through to the good stuff. Upside? At least when it comes to comedy, some of the good stuff is still in its pre-video-clip form on stages throughout LA every night of the week. The LA Times recently reviewed many of these “offbeat” venues for sketch, stand-up, and improv (though some are pretty well known). The best part? None of these places have an absurd drink minimum. And some of the improv shows are free, which makes sense. Improv is often more fun to do than to watch, so zero dollars is probably the right price.

Did you feel it?

quake.jpgAt first I thought it was my neighbor’s washing machine going on the rough and tumble cycle. Then I realized he doesn’t have a washing machine in his art studio (below my office). Then I thought nothing more of it until I got a recent email from a friend saying there was a 2.7 quake around 1pm today. Yeah, I know, 2.7 is not much to shake a stick at, but it sure shook my feet.

It’s a good reminder about the fun USGS Earthquake website. Here’s the LA metro overview. Now, this is only the second quake I’ve ever felt. I’ve either been driving or swimming in the ocean when all of the other quakes in the past 10 years hit, so I’ve never felt a big one. But I tell ya, I really can’t wait.

From abLA :: Somewhere is Culver City


I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on abLA but if someone would have told me when I moved to Los Angeles that Culver City would not only be an art gallery destination but also be a place with restaurants and bars you’d actually want to go hang out at, I wouldn’t have believed them. Heck, there were hardly any restaurant recommendations to make when I moved the gallery there in 2005 but here we are – Culver City is on fire. Then again, this isn’t really something new. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and other publications have noted this but this weekend in the NYT’s (again) travel section declares that Culver City has gone from no-where to some-where…continue reading

Since When Did Car Dealers Stop Trying To Sell Cars?

The clich√© of the smarmy car dealer doing anything to get you to buy a car is sure getting a run for it’s money at the Glendale Auto Corridor- that strip along Brand Ave that has a dealer for just about every make you can think of (well, moderately priced makes anyway). We’ve got a VW lease about to end and are deciding what to get next. Since all those dealers are right next to each other we decided it would be simple to call them up, make sure they have the model we’re interested in available for a test drive, and then just bounce from one dealer to the next and spend the afternoon test driving all the cars we’re interested in in one shot. Except it’s turning out to not be that easy, mainly because I can’t get any of them on the phone. I’ve called 3 different dealers now, asked the human answering the call for the sales department, only to be put on hold for eternity, or for it to ring 4-6 times and the redirect back to the initial operator who apologizes and starts the whole thing over again. I finally asked her if she knew if they had a specific model and she said she’d transfer me to sales where someone could better help me. Except no one ever answered the phone. Hello??

My Coffee With Leonard

Coagula%20Nimoy%20Cover.JPGSeveral months ago now, when I was still working at the LA Alternative, a press release from LACMA came across my desk. Hidden among a long list of events, workshops and openings was a blurb on their upcoming exhibit, “Masquerade“–a photography exhibit. As part of the events surrounding the exhibit, Leonard Nimoy would be participating in a discussion with the show’s curator.

“Whoa, all that other shit is boring, but LOOK–Spock!” said the Dumb Pop Culture voice in my brain (full disclosure: I actually worked at LACMA for two years and I do not really think that other stuff is really boring–I just knew it was the sort of stuff only other art history majors would want to geek out over). I contacted the PR dept. at LACMA and they hooked me up with an interview.

Believe me, this surprised me to no end. Nor did I know it would result in what would come to be simultaneously the best and worst moment of my career all rolled into one terrifying little ball…
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So Birds does have pitchers of beer, but…

A week or so ago I posted about how Barney’s Beanery is one my favorite bars because they have pitchers of beer, a pretty good jukebox (I’m working on making it better by the way, they just added Radiohead and Metallica records and removed Lenny Kravitz!), rock history and mint waitresses. I asked in that post if anyone knew of other bars that served beer by the pitchers and the only responses I got were Big Wangs and Birds. Well Big Wangs blows, I checked that place out a while ago. Not only is it a full douche factory but they’ve got one of those internet jukeboxes, which is retarded. And when I played Black Sabbath “Sweet Leaf” it was the live reunion record from 1998… NO GOOD! So I checked out Birds… Yeah they’ve got pitchers but they’re $19 and the music they play there sucks donkey dicks. Next…

So I ask again… Does anyone know of places in Hollywood that serve pitchers of beer? Anyone?

Lack of Filming Notification and Night Sun In My Eyes

So I have mentioned before on my blog the lack of notification for filming in my building in Downtown LA. Both tonight and last night they’ve been filming something involving helicopters. One of the helicopters is the camera bird and the other is the subject and is flying around shining a Night Sun right into my loft’s windows. This is extremely annoying, but hey what can I do? It’s amazing what the movie industry gets away with, especially in Downtown. I guess they still don’t think anyone lives down here, or the more likely case is that they don’t care. I understand that Hollywood brings in a ton of money for the city, but who looks out for the citizens? And whatever happened to filming on a set?

In other, somewhat related news, I just watched all the episodes of Heroes so far, and it rocks, but am I the only one to notice that the entire thing is filmed in LA? I mean seriously, every time they’re in “New York” (other than the brief times square footage) it’s actually somewhere within a few blocks of my house.

Last Minute: HD DVD NIN

Last minute notice, I know, but for all you Trent-a-holics, there’s a free screening of the new Nine Inch Nails concert DVD, “Beside You In Time” at the Henry Fonda Theater tonight.  It’s being released next month, in HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, and regular ol’ DVD.

Word of advice – the Henry Fonda hosted the album release part for With Teeth, and if tonight is anything like that affair, get there early.  There will be a line around the block, and they’ll press play at 6:00 sharp, never mind where on the line you happen to be.

(h/t Mefi)