Doh! The Irony

Out running a couple errands in Silver Lake this afternoon, I couldn’t help but discover some company called Molly Maid had decided it was high time to make a marketing push into this neck of the city. Did they hire street corner sign spinners or contract out a few key billboards or go door-to-door looking for new customers. Nah. Instead they put the “ass” in “class act” by illegally staple-gunning glossy placards announcing “Molly Maid Is Here!” to most of the power poles along both sides of several blocks of Sunset Boulevard.

The ripe irony of a cleaning company annnouncing its arrival by trashing up a neighborhood throughfare leaves me hoping this might be some sort of prank, but I doubt it… the stupidity meter is giving me too high a Doh! reading. So instead I went to their website and sent the purportedly reputable and nationally established company an email asking if, in hindsight, advertising its cleaning services by unlawfully garbaging up where I live was working out for them because it certainly wasn’t for me.

If they respond I’ll update this post with whatever they might have to say.

UPDATE (01/31): Good golly Miss Molly! In my inbox this morning I found the following enthusiastic reply, which in its entirety reads: “Thanks for taking the time to contact us!” Not that I expected anything more, but maybe I’ll respond to that blow-off by taking a walk later up one side of Sunset and down the other between Micheltorena and Alvarado pulling down every one of these fucking posters that I can get my hands on.

3 thoughts on “Doh! The Irony”

  1. I dug a Molly Maid out of snowdrift during one of our recent Colorado blizzards. Once she told me she was 7 months pregnant, it was hard to walk away. The company had told her to leave her vehicle there and trudge through the thigh- high snow to clean the house and get on to the next job, dammit! Bad marketing move, in my opinion.

  2. Molly Maids frequent my neighborhood often, and leave their sales brochures hanging on my front door. Most of my neighbors have two incomes so they can afford the luxury of having their homes cleaned, my children and myself are the Molly Maids of our castle.

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