Brandy Facing Manslaughter charges?

brandy.jpgThis story about Brandy has been a pretty hot topic recently. Just about every local news broadcast I’ve seen is mentioning it, local radio is talking about it and now that authorities are considering Manslaughter charges it’s getting way more press. An interesting thing to me is that it’s a new twist on this same story we’ve heard time and time again because this is a celebrity involved in a accident that didn’t involve alcohol or drugs, it seems she simply wasn’t paying attention. But but big issue is, is that better or worse? How many time driving around LA have you almost been hit by some idiot on a cell phone or someone putting on eye shadow using the rear view mirror for that rather than watching the road? It’s a pretty frequent event as far as I can tell and if your experience is anything like mine chances are someone in the car usually says “Christ! Pay attention jack ass! You’re going to kill someone!” And now that’s exactly what happened. Let’s look at this – it’s a misdemeanor charge that has a maximum 1 year in jail. Does anyone actually think Brandy is going to do a day of that? Or more likely she’ll get slapped with some community service, parole, perhaps a fine for damages, and maybe her license yanked. But what about those kids whose mother is now dead because someone wasn’t paying attention when they were driving?

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  1. I was surprised when I read about this yesterday that taking a life can come with such a low penalty for the killer. So, she did it without meaning to. She was simply not paying enough attention as she plowed through a car in her huge vehicle and took the life of a young mother. I can see not charging her as harshly as if she had planned and executed the whole thing methodically, but a year max plus fine?

    And like you said, she probably won’t spend a single day in the slammer anyway, which really just makes this whole thing a farce. Sigh.

  2. I remember when this story broke last week why there was no mention of possible charges. No mention whatsoever. I mean, there’s a charge for just about anything nowadays.

  3. It’s not like it’s just stars that get off easy. I was all inflamed two years ago when a woman with a suspended license ran down three people, killing a little girl on her way to school.

    She was charged but not convicted. There’s a comment on that post from one of the jurors.

    I don’t know the particulars of the accident Brandy was involved in, I can’t say that she was negligent or it was anything more than an accident. Sometimes traffic slows too quickly and those huge SUVs have longer stopping distances and are simply so massive that they’re more likely to kill someone than regular autos.

  4. Back in the day when I was a cube dweller doing claims, the worst was fatality accidents. Sad for all involved.
    What no one seems to understand is that of the nearly 500 fatal accidents in SoCal I was involved in over a span of 12 years only 2 ever had charges brought. One involved drinking and the other was wreckless driving under the influence of quite the bag of prescription and recreational drugs.

    Getting a conviction for “not paying attention” is really hard, inattention goes on daily, several times a day for the most innocent or reasons. You check your rear view mirror and the car in front has to slam his brakes is a classic example.

    This is a horrible situation for everyone involved. Why make it worse for something that really is just a tragic accident? Do you really think she will ever forget that day? Likely not.

    When did “accident” leave our colective vocabulary in an effort to place blame (and make a buck of if you are from the plaintiff bar)?

    Am with you though…if they are on the cell phone, reading a paperback, putting on make up then fry the bitch. Those actions make accidents completely avoidable and some punishment is deserved.

  5. It’s a shame that she’ll probably get a career boost from killing someone – this is more press than she’s had in ages, and even if she wentto jail, she’d get to do the talk show circuit. Way to go, Brandy.

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