What You Say!!

Another week of running our mouths and patting ourselves on the back for our brilliant opinions. And endless comment threads from readers who also have their share of opinions. Every once and a while they even agree with us. Here’s the most active comment threads from last week:

Walking In LA: Misery Loves Company – Will Campbell is planning to walk the entire length of Sunset Blvd and he’s inviting everyone to go with him. Tons of comments from folks who will be joining or wish they could.

Who’s playing at Coachella 2007? – I answer that question with a resounding “who gives a crap?” but apparently some of you folks do. The comments are full of people taking issue with my suggestion that standing around in the heat with a billion schmucks listening to the motherload of crappy bands might not be fun.

Question of the week: Los Angeles nicks’? – David Markland wants to know how many nicknames for LA you can come up with. He listed a bunch, you listed even more.

Usually I just list the top 5 stories, but the next three were in a tie so you get 6 this week. Chime in and break the tie for us!

One way to make LA more pedestrian friendly? – David Markland breaches the dangerous topic of cars and parking once again. Do you think anyone in LA has strong feelings about this? In this issue -loading zones, valets, and ‘phantom spots’.

Dog Town Mural – Brand new b.la contributor Sanjay Shah posts a photo of something on the wall in Dog Town, and everyone has their own idea what the crap it is.

Ban guns in Los Angeles? – Someone sent us a story submission suggesting guns be banned in LA. Too bad their argument was full of holes. Tons of people replied to this, and I was happy to see people actually thinking about the topic.