So Birds does have pitchers of beer, but…

A week or so ago I posted about how Barney’s Beanery is one my favorite bars because they have pitchers of beer, a pretty good jukebox (I’m working on making it better by the way, they just added Radiohead and Metallica records and removed Lenny Kravitz!), rock history and mint waitresses. I asked in that post if anyone knew of other bars that served beer by the pitchers and the only responses I got were Big Wangs and Birds. Well Big Wangs blows, I checked that place out a while ago. Not only is it a full douche factory but they’ve got one of those internet jukeboxes, which is retarded. And when I played Black Sabbath “Sweet Leaf” it was the live reunion record from 1998… NO GOOD! So I checked out Birds… Yeah they’ve got pitchers but they’re $19 and the music they play there sucks donkey dicks. Next…

So I ask again… Does anyone know of places in Hollywood that serve pitchers of beer? Anyone?

9 thoughts on “So Birds does have pitchers of beer, but…”

  1. The Red Lion on Glendale blvd. has pitchers, mini-kegs, and giant 4 liter (litre?) glass boots of good beer. Kinda pricey, but good. Great patio, too.

    And while it isn’t a bar, Village Pizzeria on Larchmont has pitchers of Hefeweizen and/or Sierra Nevada for a pretty reasonable price, and some of the best pizza in town to boot.

  2. Ye Rustic Inn and the Drawing Room have EXCELLENT jukeboxes. I think only the Rustic has pitchers though (and they broadcast the big games). That plus the music is extra loud.

  3. I still can’t believe that LA has no decent brewpubs within city limits (not Pasadena, Long Beach, or anywhere I have to drive 30 minutes to get to!) and bars without *any* beer on tap (HMS Bounty, Boardner’s, maybe others). That was the very first thing I noticed after moving here from Seattle. LA is a miserable beer town!

  4. I hesitate to mention this as so far this place is still mercifully quiet and not-well-known, but…
    for my money, the best beer-bar within city limits is the Wild Hare in Highland Park.

  5. Um, I guess I have to rescind my Wild Hare recommendation. I just did a Google search, and apparently it’s gone out of business just in the last week or so. I guess it was a little TOO quiet.

  6. It’s not in Hollywood, but you can get pitchers of beer at Burger Continental in Pasadena, right down the street from Cal Tech.

  7. The Cat & Fiddle on Sunset has pitchers ($13 for some brands at least, probably more for Guinness etc.). Not sure how good the jukebox is, though they do have one; I always sit outside.

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