My Coffee With Leonard

Coagula%20Nimoy%20Cover.JPGSeveral months ago now, when I was still working at the LA Alternative, a press release from LACMA came across my desk. Hidden among a long list of events, workshops and openings was a blurb on their upcoming exhibit, “Masquerade“–a photography exhibit. As part of the events surrounding the exhibit, Leonard Nimoy would be participating in a discussion with the show’s curator.

“Whoa, all that other shit is boring, but LOOK–Spock!” said the Dumb Pop Culture voice in my brain (full disclosure: I actually worked at LACMA for two years and I do not really think that other stuff is really boring–I just knew it was the sort of stuff only other art history majors would want to geek out over). I contacted the PR dept. at LACMA and they hooked me up with an interview.

Believe me, this surprised me to no end. Nor did I know it would result in what would come to be simultaneously the best and worst moment of my career all rolled into one terrifying little ball…

You see, by the time the interview had been scheduled, I no longer had a newspaper. What to do?

Enter my personal savior, Mat Gleason. He’s the publisher of Coagula Art Journal, the final authority on all things Angels, plays a mean game of poker, and in my opinion is one of the most knowledgeable, no-bullshit people in the art world today. He advised me not to drop the story, but to pursue it with a whole new spin: this would no longer be me interviewing Spock. This was me, an art critic (that’s how I got my start in journalism, actually), discussing art in LA with one of the premier donors and patrons on the art scene today. Nimoy’s PR people told me he was amenable to the Coagula interview, so…we proceeded.

The latest issue of Coagula has the interview in it, along with lots of other brilliant stuff, like Mat’s take on Copro-Nason, Alan Bamberger’s discussion of Shepard Fairey and Banksy, and more. You should pick it up at Skylight or at any major LA art gallery or art-supply store around town. But since Coagula doesn’t yet have a web site where it posts articles online (there will be one soon, check back at for updates), I posted this one on my own web site.

And so, click here for the story of how Spock kicked my ass (metaphorically speaking) over coffee.

I owe my undying thanks to Mr. Nimoy for humoring me–and for giving me a chance to rise to the occasion. He really *is* a nice guy. And thanks always to Mat, my professional mentor and sagacious personal advisor.

(I’d put the whole interview in here but I think it’s kinda too long.)

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  1. I spotted Leonard Nimoy with William Shatner at a Kurt Vonnegut event at the Hammer Musuem some years back. It was surreal, to say the least. It was just a short time after Shatner’s wife had died, also.

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