On the Grind

A “Screw Sundance Film Fest” Selection

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Don’t hate me for this one. While this music video for “On the Grind” for local band Optimus (MySpace) fills the requirements for being included in the “Screw Sundance Fest”, I originally didn’t intend to include it. The lead singer reminds me too much of K-Fed having a seizure. And the song itself is so damn hooky and cliche’d, with all the “yeah, yeahs”, “uh, uhs”, and “oh baby, oh babys” I could stand. But damnit, I couldn’t stop looking. And the damn song, even though its exactly the kind of music I hate (a ska/rap hybrid), its been stuck in my head all week.

Directed by Paris transplant Rodolphe de Diusse. and shot at the La Brea Tar Pits, Venice Beach, downtown, and other locations scattered around Los Angeles.

Video after the jump.