Local Campaign Now Nationally Recognized

76ball_thumb.jpgMany of you out there in bloggerland know Kim Cooper, editrix of Scram, co-founder of The 1947 Project, local crime history buff – and now, famous in Seattle as the co-founder of the Save the 76 Ball campaign. The Seattle PI found a Northwest connection to Kim and Nathan’s crusade – the 76 ball designer is a Washingtonian – and published a feature article on the crusade today. For further L.A. connections, there are also quotes from Kim Koga of the MONA, and the history of the 76 ball is even traced back to the L.A. office of ad agency Young & Rubicam.

By the way, if you haven’t been to Save the 76 Ball lately, they do have some victory to report. Sign the petition, if you haven’t already as well, because that new red on the flat balls is hideous.

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