My neighborhood in photos

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been walking around the neighborhood a lot lately. I keep taking pictures, and I thought some of them were nice enough (or odd enough, or whatever) to share. Enjoy.

I can’t remember ever seeing a payphone in Los Angeles before.

(More behind the cut.)


The parrot is behind chicken wire, but is not real.


One more tree for us to decorate?

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2 thoughts on “My neighborhood in photos”

  1. I love seeing pics of the different LA hoods. That anti-pigeon, anti-human netting is hilarious, kinda kills the fun of having a balcony: how the hell do you throw water balloons at people?

  2. Lovely set of pictures. I really like this part of town (Wilshire/Koreatown) because of the diversity and mix of architecture (a lot of historic-looking bldgs!).

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