More on working in television: acting

My friend Jonathan Nail is an actor who blogs. A few of his posts lately have been pretty insightful about the reality of working in television.

Daily Musings – Blog Archive – Oh yes, there will be blood. Guest role on ER = fun for all!

Daily Musings – Blog Archive – Shaving at work… Two auditions, one day, two different facial hair requirements.

Are you an actor who blogs? Or maybe a blogger who acts? I have no interest in acting, but I want to read about it! If you didn’t delurk, consider this a freebie and link to your site.

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  1. Hey-
    I am an actor-slash-casting-assistant who blogs constantly (its cathartic to write blah blah) so definitely check out my myspace page and I will even categorize them into nice career piles so you don’t have to trudge through my other BS ;-)
    Gracias –

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