KCET Does Ridazz Right

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/01/scards-thumb.jpgIt took me several months to get my lazy ass in gear, but since my first Midnight Ridazz ride in December 2005, I’ve only missed a couple of the monthly masses since (as evidenced by my cherished spokecard collection at right). In that time Ridazz has blown up huge and that result has tickled various media outlets into poking their cameras and reporters around and trying to decipher what the hell it’s all about and condense it into a single article or a minute-long news segment.

Some of the coverage has been OK, some of it has sucked worse than picking up a gaggle of goathead thorns far from home and not having a spare innertube. Raising the bar to a whole new wonderful and thorough level is “Social Nets: Midnight Ridazz” the new package of articles and interviews and video that’s now up on KCET’s website. Definitely worth a look.

P.S. Hollywood Ridazz, an offshoot ride in effect for several months now, will be meeting this Friday at the North Hollywood Red Line station on Lankershim for its 10 p.m. “Ninja Ride.”