Katy Sullivan

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You know the story – sweet Southern girl moves to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an actress. Its so common we forget the guts it takes.

Then there’s Katy Sullivan, an Alabama native who moved here to act, with the added predicament of having been born with no legs. Guts? Maybe thats sheer insanity!

But Katy’s story goes one step further. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, she decided to start running. (and to think people are impressed by Ken Bob Saxton, who has run countless marathons barefoot… Katy’s running without legs!)

And she now has Olympic aspirations.

Filmmaker Renee Brown met Katy while talking a walk with a friend near Harvard Westlake School:

My friend and I were complaining about how hard our life was, and she literally ran past us on her carbon fiber legs. We stopped walking and stared at her as she blew past us.

Renee saw this as a sign – that whatever problems she might have, nothing should hold her back, and she decided to shoot this profile of of Katy so that more people could be inspired.

Yeah. It worked.

On February 3rd, Lululemon and Just Bee are having a Gala event in Santa Monica, with proceeds going towards helping Katy go the Olympics. This is a women only event! (details here)

Katy is also looking for a sponsors to help support her running efforts. And she’s seeking decent movie or TV roles. If you have leads on either, or any other PR requests, contact Renee at [email protected]

While watching, keep an ear out for the soundtrack by Patrick Hildebrand, Jr. of Centerline Music.

2 thoughts on “Katy Sullivan”

  1. What a great story. I’m gonna try and get this story over to someone at Visa. I am currently working with them on a few projects. They are sponsoring a few olympic atheletes in Bejing. I think they should sponsor Katy as well.

  2. Katy and I grew up down the street from each other and have been the best of friends growing up. We used to make tapes to send in to Star Search that featured me attempting to dance and Katy walking on her hands. Point being Katy Sullivan has been this motivated since she was a child. I am proud and honored to call her my friend and will support her in any endeavor. Love you Katy, Franny

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