Some Coachella Speculation…


As Sean noted on Monday, the official Coachella (MySpace) lineup has been announced (Duke @ You Set The Scene has extensively dissected it), featuring Bjork as well as the reunions of Rage Against The Machine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Crowded House, and the Happy Mondays.

But as The LA TimesKevin Bronson noted, “Coachella promoters acknowledge they have more surprises up their sleeve.”

For the past few weeks, there has been talk of a Police reunion at the festival, which coupled with the Coachella presale password of “ROXANNE,” helped fuel that speculation. And as excited as I was about the prospect of a reunion, I figured that it was too good to be true, and sure enough it was just a rumor:

…don’t believe the hype that Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland are back in synchronicity for a stop at the Empire Polo Field. …

“No, the Police are not playing, I can tell you that,” promoter Paul Tollett tells Times staffer Geoff Boucher. “This is the show right now as it’s going to be on the big stages. The main-stage lineup and second-stage lineup for all three days are locked in.”

There has also been talk about Gwen Stefani/No Doubt being one of those surprises, but I think the safe bet is the reunion of another particular band (and if they are confirmed, as one person noted with the existing Coachella lineup, “…you’d [really] swear you’d time warped back to 1993”):

Smashing Pumpkins.

What do you think?

(Illustration by Skipgo Shannon.)

UPDATE: Looks like their first appearance of 2007 will be Germany in June.

6 thoughts on “Some Coachella Speculation…”

  1. The Pumpkins were one of the worst live shows I ever saw. They played obscure songs and free formed for about an hour. Messed up repeatly and stopped songs in the middle to taunt the crowd and tell us how small minded we were. After about half audience had left, Corgan got on the mic and said “Now that all those MTV f*cks have left, we’re gonna play for our real fans”. The played their hits for about 15 minutes and then left the stage. No encore. I was 16, and those tickets were about 75 bucks. Screw that.

    (Though more apealing then Gwen and her vomit-tastic Madonna rip-off act).

  2. Thirded. Probably the most criminally overrated band in the history of rock. I still don’t understand what anybody ever saw in them.

  3. I would not (pay to) see SP now and especially not in the heat / desert / blobofsweatydirty people, but I saw them at the Warfield (think the Wiltern) in Oct 1993 and it was a damn great show.

    When they headlined lollapalooza in 1994 they were starting to do their big stadium thing and I’ve only heard progressively more negative reviews since then.

    Not the greatest band ever but in 1992/3 they looked like they might be.

  4. I think the Pumpkins would reunite…but not at Coachelle. Probably at Lollapalooza since it is in Chicago and Billy C is a proud Chicagoan.

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