Paris (over)Exposed


What is worse than forgetting to pay your storage bill and having all of your junk auctioned off to the highest bidder? Personally, I think that having it all go to one person who documents every little bit of it and puts it all online is going to rank pretty high on that list. That’s what just happened to Paris Hilton, and what you get at Is there anyone even remotely interested in this? The only way I would think something like this would be interesting would be if it was the storage unit of someone like Ted Kaczynski or Henry Darger. You know those guys have some crazy shit to look at. But Paris? Yawn. And even worse, there is a $40 monthly fee for access to the junk on this site. The Superficial sums up my feelings on this perfectly:

“A quick Google search will get you three hundred shots of Paris Hilton’s vagina and a video of her having sex. And we’ve already seen her love letters, so the only interesting thing this site actually offers is her diary. And why would you pay $39.97 to read a book filled with “I like boys” written in crayon on every page?”

[Thanks Richard!]

6 thoughts on “Paris (over)Exposed”

  1. What I like is that they’ll be hit with huge bandwidth bills from all the people who go, realize it’s going to be a dull site, and move on.

  2. When asked how he was feeling, Henry Darger responded: “Tomorrow the wind might stop blowing.” Sweet!!!!!

  3. Except that they will post a CPM ad for Phoenix University and make a killing. Plus all the less sophisticated Internet users who throw down the ~$40 and forget to cancel the subscription.

  4. I’d stick it in her butt. Mainly because I think it’s probably cleaner than her vagina.

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