Metroblogging LA’s forecast: More Red Flag Days coming!

threatsmap.gifThis hi-tech map from the National Weather Service shouts one thing: A major cold snap is hitting the U.S. The National Weather Service needs to upgrade from Microsoft Paint.

Locally, you’ll see that the SoCal coast is circled with the note “Enhanced Fire Danger, Jan 31-Feb 3” – if you live or often park in a Red Flag neighborhood, mark these dates on your calendar as parking restrictions will likely be enforced then. This means your car will be could by the LAFD without notice.

Last evening, firefighters on the way to a brewing Hollywood Hills “conflagration” experienced what could have been a disaster:

Due to the narrow roads and an array of cars, both legally and illegally parked along the roadways, the additional Fire Companies experienced extreme difficulty navigating their way into the neighborhood to assist their comrades… Had the wind been blowing, and Firefighters would have encountered these same navigational problems, the outcome could have had been disastrous. This incident serves as a vivid reminder as to why the City has recently enacted the “Red Flag/No Parking” restrictions in high hazard locations of the City.

Red Flag Days are not in effect as of this writing – however, to check on their status visit the LAFD’s Red Flag info site, or dial 311.

2 thoughts on “Metroblogging LA’s forecast: More Red Flag Days coming!”

  1. I really wasn’t paying much attention to the Red Flag Alerts, as I don’t live in the hills.

    That said, I do have many clients who do. Since there is limited parking in their neighborhood, I might actually need to cancel appointments during an alert. Similarly, visits to friends and family might also be effected, so it pays to stay informed whether you live in an effected Red Flag Alert area or not.

  2. Does any know anything about the fire on Kirkwood last night (other than what’s on the LAFD blog)? I live off of Kirkwood, so I tried to take a “long-cut” at Gould and weave my way back over to Kirkwood. About 30 cars ended up having to turn around on the extremely narrow Gould to let one of the fire trucks pass. Nerve-racking! And definitely a little peek into all the bad things that could happen traffic-wise if there ever was a serious fire in the Canyon.

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