New & Improved IAAL•MAF Invitational: Now With Refreshing Daylight!! Sunday!! Sunday!!! Where Sunset and Park Avenue collide in Echo Park, the Brite Spot diner’s the place to be when the clock strikes the p.m. of 3 for the IAA‚Ä¢MAF’s Third — count ’em: first! second!! third!!! — spinvitational.

Yes, first we went in search of the Black Dahlia. Then we successfully stormed the Griffith Observatory — both under the necessary and comforting cover of darkness. But coming up next and out from under the protective scab of night your ruthless and unhousebroken IAAL‚Ä¢MAF bike gang has strapped on the latest in our ongoing series — this one promising to be a tour de jour along the historic highs and lows of the renowned Town of Down and its surrounds.

But what’s in the name of this game, you ask? Well if you really must know, “No Surrender Monkeys” is a bit of a play off a poli/pop-cult reference that was popularized in a “Simpsons” edisode, which itself derived from how rapidly the French military resistance folded against German forces in WWII. Aw hell, you wanna know more: click here and getcha Wiki on. Otherwise all you need to comprehend is that the “No Surrender” applies to this ride’s ups and downs. In other words there be some climbs you can’t be giving up on. Nothing insane mind you, just the tops of Angelino Heights and Bunker Hill and Elysian Park. And along the way you’ll be seeing some of the past, present and future of our fine city, some landmarks you never knew existed, not to mention some awesome afternoon vistas that are a little bit country and a little bit roll-yer-own. Oh yeah, and there’ll be cameraderie and emission-free bonding, as well as special spoke cards awarded to the fastest down the 4th Street drop zone and to the last never-say-die rider up to the top of Bishop Canyon in Elysian Park. With the IAAL‚Ä¢MAF, everyone’s a winner. So be there! Plus there are plans to hoist a few afterward at Echo Park’s Shortstop. So bring a lock, too!

When: Sunday, January 28; ride gathers at 2:30 p.m., rolls at 3 p.m.
Where: Brite Spot (map)
Ride Distance: 13.75 miles (view route)
Approximate Time: 2 Hours
No rider left behind

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  1. Michael, if after a long layoff from riding AND while fighting the leftovers of the flu you could make it up to the observatory during the second invitational you could SO do this ride.

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