Local Bloggers Whoring Themselves on eBay

On Sunday, “Insider” at Independent Sources considered putting his lifestyle for sale to the highest bidder on eBay, including:

my collection of computer video games (going back to the 80s), PS2 games, and the original 8-bit Nintendo System… Generally worthless stock in several circa-90’s dot-coms… and My collection of Melissa Theuriau photographs (including some NSFW)

Now, it appears that Mayor Sam has actually put “Zuma Dogg’s Silence” up on eBay, for a starting bid of $50,000. This comes after an anonymous commenter warned Zuma Dogg that since he’s unemployed, Mayor V or any other politician he’s been critical of might offer him a sum of cash to zip it. (backstory here)

For my eBay bidding money, I’d go for door #3: the bike featured in the alt-porn film “Girls Lie”, with proceeds going to adult actress Dana DeArmond who, as Koga mentioned recently, was out of town when she learned her Pasadena home burned down – and yes, she blogged about it.