Out of Body, Out of Mind

“Screw Sundance Film Fest’s” Opening Selection

Good morning, desk jockeys, and everyone else stuck in Los Angeles while their bosses, friends, and inferior filmmakers who just got lucky are skiing, drinking, and making million dollar deals in Park City, Utah. Bastards.

On Saturday I announced that this week is the first ever “Screw Sundance Film Fest” here on blogging.la. We’re accepting and featuring films that didn’t make it into Sundance this year, or any other year. The submission period is open all week, so keep sending them in! (more details at the original post)

This morning I’m presenting our first film, Brian Hecker’s “Out of Body, Out of Mind”. as a sort of tone setter. “In the glorious spirit of saying ‘FU’ to that annoying industry behemoth,” Brian says, “here’s a short that says ‘FU’ to another one.”

Brian received $2500 from Fox Searchlab to make a short video to “showcase his abilities” as a filmmaker, as the first step in a program to ween budding directors. “Out of Body” documents exactly how Brian spent this $2500 – mainly on the roulette wheel in Vegas. Supposedly Peter Rice, president of Fox Searchlight was insulted when he saw it. Damn shame – its one of the more entertaining shorts I’ve seen in some time.

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Before shooting “Out of Body”, Brian directed “Family Attraction” as a student at the American Film Institute. Starring the late Chris Penn and Martin Sheen, the film is available on iTunes for a buck ninety-nine.

Brian hails from Florida, and has lived in Los Angeles since AFI accepted him 1995 (he was rejected when he first applied in 1993, fresh out of Northwestern University – while working as a telemarketing rep in North Carolina he reapplied “with the most passionate, most insanely desperate essay” he could think of, and that did the trick).

He still lives in the same Hollywood Hills with the same weiner dog that we see at the opening of “Out of Body”.

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  1. Although the reality short was shunned at Fox, they now have a reality TV show called “Double or Nothing” where viewers follow one person’s journey as he plans the gamble of a lifetime by selling everything he owns to make one epic bet on a roulette wheel’s red or black. I started to investigate this, but then I read they’re officially claiming the whole idea came from a news story in Britain about a man doing the same. Hmm.

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