Dog Town Mural


Found at the corner of Linden and California in Venice. At least the frogs in the Frog Town murals look like frogs.

11 Replies to “Dog Town Mural”

  1. Somebody literally shit a brick and it is so foul that it sprouted legs and it is walking away from its place of landing. Looks like a brick – halo? Hmmm. “Holy shit” is all I can say…

  2. I drove past this guy yesterday. I was like “what the hell is that thing?” It’s not good, but I thought it was at least funny looking.

  3. Broaden your minds people. Look outside the crap. Clearly the white patch was a block of grafitti overpaint and then someone with a sense of humor tricked it out with and outline, feet a smiling face. And the halo. Can’t forget the halo.

    I think it’s brilliant!

  4. Yeah, I pretty much like the sweet, innocent spirit of the thing. Reminds me of a whale with centipede legs. Fun energy.

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