7 thoughts on “Attention shitty dog owners…”

  1. When I had a house and worked at home, I just made a point of going out to the front porch for some fresh air whenever a dog owner took their dog through my front yard. Knowing they’re being observed makes people behave a lot more civilly than they might otherwise.

  2. When we moved into our present house the front yard had a No Pooping sign (you know, an icon of a pooping dog with the red circle & slash). I think I even had it written into the sales agreement that we got to keep the sign.

    Someone stole it. I don’t think it was a dog.

  3. Ha!

    I had the same problem, put up a sign that read, “THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY, NOT A PUBLIC TOILET. CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG.”

    Surprisingly, it even worked.

    Amazing what people need to be told.

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