What You Say!!

Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap. Here’s the 5 most commented on posts of the whole damn week.

  • NYC2LA Comparison – Jillian points out this point by point LA vs NYC comparison which has invited a TON of commentary, which should be no surprise. In the end everyone agrees that LA kicks the crap out of NYC so that discussion is now said and done. I’m delighted blogging.la was able to finally put a cap on that age old discussion.
  • LA Car Insurance Shock! – tammara tackles the question that at least 1 out of ever 25 drivers here in LA worries about, where to find good car insurance. She found some options and the comments are full of even more.
  • Le Rev @ The Gig… – Koga sparks the drama. Some blogging.la reader who digs The Germs also seems to LOVE Le Rev. And by love I mean totally wants to have their babies and make them a nice sandwich.
  • Barney’s Beanery has pitchers of beer… – Travis wants to know why the hell pitchers of beer are such a hard thing to find here in LA. Apparently the “No Fags” sign that used to be there is a hard thing to find these days too.
  • Panic in the Movie Theatre – heathervescent suffered through a (false) fire alarm at the Mann’s Chinese 6 and got free passes because of her trouble. The comments suggest some handy safety tips and of course someone bitching about the post.