Matthew Broderick eats alone

[click to embiggen crappy pre-Brod phonecam shot]
We decided to take a chance and headed to the ever-delicious Pie ‘n Burger today for a nice lunchie.

It was straight up noon but we were lucky enough to get a table, and as we sat waiting to order, in walks Matthew Broderick. He made his way to an empty seat about midway down the counter and sat reading his newspaper. He got to keep his place a couple of minutes, until the waitress came up and asked if he’d been told to sit there or not.

Pie ‘n Burger is mostly counter, so when you get there you sign the list for seating regardless of whether you want the counter or a table. Apparently Matthew had not done so, and was asked to go up to the front, sign in, and wait his turn.

Imagine my disappointment when he did just that – no temper tantrum, no “Don’t you know who I am,” no nothing. I have to give him props for not being a jerk, and in fact for sticking it out in the face of what any other star of his caliber might well consider such utter humiliation.

A few minutes later he was back at the counter, a couple of seats down, all alone with his paper. We may have been the only people to notice him, but nobody came up to talk to him while we were there.

Secret Broderick fact: He likes butter on his toast.

8 thoughts on “Matthew Broderick eats alone”

  1. Thanks for sharing that. Imagine, a ‘star’ without the ego to go along with it.

    I’m going to assume that there’s tons of them that are like that. But what fun would it be to report that. For every one star that does the ‘don’t you know who I am’ routine, there’s probably 20 that don’t pull that crap. (I sure hope so)

  2. My wife and I saw John C Reilly at Pie n Burger after the Doo Dah parade (no idea if he’d been at the parade, but we had). After he left, I impressed the waitresses by being able to recount an extensive list of films he’d appeared in.

  3. Way back in the early 1990s I was helping an animal trainer pal with a reptile show at one of those Natural Wonder stores in Beverly Hills. In walks Ferris with his main squeeze at the time, Helen Hunt. He’d recently done that film “The Freshman” (I think) with Marlon Brando… the one where he had to work with a large monitor lizard, and he was genuinely intrigued with the collection of scaly things we had: a python, a couple large iguanas and some anoles. Very down to earth and accessible. Hunt on the other hand, whose career was still a ways from blowing up, was arrogantly impatient and very put out by Matthew’s interest and enthusiasm. No surprise they weren’t together for much longer after that. Viva Matthew!

  4. Several years ago while working at a summer school I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker on account of Matthew being the uncle of one of the boys. Sarah came into the office and despite my having a crush on her since “Square Pegs” I did not recognize her at all. But I sure recognized Matthew Broderick when he came in behind her. They were both extremely polite and just wanted permission to visit with Matthew’s nephew briefly, they made no song and dance about being Big Movie Stars, etc.

    I’m not surprised at all that Matthew went and wrote his name down and waited his turn like any other customer. He might look like Ferris Bueller (just a little gray around the temples) but he has none of Ferris’ cocky “seize the day” attitude.

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