Idiot Paparazzi

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These guys were all bunched up outside WACKO/Soap Plant today, taking pictures of people going in, but obviously waiting to get a shot of SOMEBODY coming out.

We went in, did our shopping, looked around for celebretrons, and found none. At this point I should add that I wouldn’t know many of them even if I were standing right beside them – they all just look like bums to me.

However, being of a curious nature (I like that about you Littlebrains!) I went out and asked one of them who they were waiting for. The guy told me Chris Rock.

I said I hadn’t seen him in there. He told me I wasn’t looking.

So I went back in and found the black guy who works there and came out with him to pose – and they took our picture.

(Shhhhh! He’s not actually Chris Rock!)

3 thoughts on “Idiot Paparazzi”

  1. I wanna see the pick when it makes it into the gossip rags. Seriously….does this mean all black men look like Chris rock to the idiottarazzi? If so they won’t be in business long!

  2. they were out in the dozens in front of our AA meeting this weekend to capture Lindsey Lohan. I’m lucky I don’t mind breaking my anonymity, since I can now be seen on several gossip sites now flicking off the camera…

    These shit-heads have no shame. You should have heard them threatening the members of AA. Just the type of hoods you would expect them to be…

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