Today’s Celebrity Sighting At Urth Cafe

jake-gyllenhaal-sunglasses11.jpg OK, OK, I usually don’t squeal about celebrities. I know I live in L.A., and they’re everywhere, but they’re just people, right? Actually, it kind of bothers me that some of the more annoying ones inhabit my geographical area. Mostly though, I find it weird to think about it, that so much of the popular media is celebrity-related, and that so many people reading it must have this vision of Los Angeles that is really nothing like the reality.

However, I will make an exception to my non-squealing policy today, because, while at a meeting with a vendor over tea at Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills, we spotted Jake Gyllenhaal, in his Camry hybrid, illegally parked on Beverly Drive. He had sunglasses on, but an intrepid colleague recognized him, and we turned around to look. And he possibly thought it was funny that we were trying NOT to look, because he was amused at something.

Yes, I think Jake Gyllenhaal is cute (AND talented) enough for me to actually post about it. The day I spot Adrien Brody, however, I’ll just go directly to swooning.

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8 thoughts on “Today’s Celebrity Sighting At Urth Cafe”

  1. I bumped into Adrien Brody at the Grove a couple years ago. A bunch of girls were fawning over him – my dad was visiting at the time, and wondered who the hell he was. I said nobody – he’d just won the Oscar for best actor.

  2. I’ve seen Tyra Banks at the Borders in Century City twice. Returning stuff both times. I guess someone keeps buying books for her that she doesn’t like.

  3. Maria Tomei at Vista Theatre for Pan’s Labryinth two days ag. I wanted to warn her about what a pos it was but how can you do that with style?

  4. (Academy award winner) Marisa Tomei at Vista Theatre for Pan’s Labryinth two days ago. I wanted to warn her about what a p.o.s. it was but how can you do that without looking like a crazed fanboy?

  5. I was surprised/pleased to see Salma Hayek at jury duty at the superior court downtown, the Friday before the Golden Globes. Her assistant was with her as well. She is gorgeous and normal looking (meaning: not scary hollywood movie star skinny or augmented.)

    The next day I saw Shirley MacLaine outside Shutters hotel, on my birthday. Great gift.

  6. Julia… Yeah, I’ve sighted Salma Hayek several times around the city, and even had the pleasure of a hello or two over the years. You are right – she doesn’t come across as a “celeb”, and that’s real cool. Most of the time though, if there’s a celeb close by I won’t know it anyway, since I don’t watch TV at all (except in a bar or restaurant if it’s on) and see maybe 3 or 4 movies per year. This whole entertainment “industry” thing has always been lost on me, I get a laugh out of how important it insists it is… but hey – it’s a huge part of LA and that’s OK by me…

  7. Adrien Brody….

    I was in the Red Bull VIP tent at a race in Vegas and kept sniffing around him, thinking “Gee, that guy looks a lot like Adrien Brody, I wonder if it’s his brother?” After I left, having not said a word to him, I found out he doesn’t have a brother and loves motorcycles (almost) as much as I do. damn he’s fine. Looked way hotter in real life than on film.

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