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Nike Air Jordan Laser V

I’m lucky enough to not be addicted to shoes, but some of my friends aren’t quite so lucky. When a new pair of limited edition shoes come to market these shoe junkies end up waiting in line for hours to get a $200 pair of Air Jordans. Tonight one of said friends gave me a ring and asked me to come down to Blends, the local high end specialty kick shop, and wait in line to help them expand their collection. I took a few shots of the goods, we’re actually still waiting now, they gave us raffle tickets on the way in so that at midnight the first people in line can get one of the 22 pairs of Nike Air Jordan Laser Vs. Nike only made 20,000 of these shoes and each have a unique laser engraving consisting of line art from every air jordan ever made. They won’t be as rare as the new Kobe shoes of which only 81 pairs will be made to commemorate the game where he scored 81 points.

Update Well I didn’t get a pair… my number was one off of the last pair. Oh well, shoe karma.

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