1907 Centennial: Keep ‘Em Coming!

Soooo, I just wanted to remind everyone of 1947project.com‘s upcoming 1907 Centennial at Jim Fittipaldi’s Bedlam Gallery on March 22nd. Kim, Nathan and the rest of the wayback machine at 1947project.com have thrown open the doors for entries from LA’s creative community, scholars, history buffs and nostalgia fans. Tell a story, do a dance, sing a song, discuss a photo, show a painting, bring foodstuffs–all in the theme of 1907. (I personally would love to see Eric Garcetti reprise his outstanding history lesson from the El Ey Boys & Girls Historical Society meeting he spoke at last year!) And–on top of it all–1947project will be unveiling the brand spankin’ NEW year they’ll be researching! So even if you decide not to be a part of the show, you should still totally go and watch. I’m thinking of singing (this has worked out okay in the past, don’t be [too] afraid(I had no plans to run for public office anyway)), and I have it on good authority that current submission proposals include short films, some live soundtracks from the period, the tantalizing possibility of some burlesque, and tasty treats. Not to mention Janet Klein singing songs from the [censored] year that 1947project.com will be tackling next! And if you’ve never seen Bedlam, you really should. It’s an amazing space run by a wonderful guy. Three cheers for the LA art scene’s fairy godfather (if a fairy godfather wore a snappy fedora and liked a nice bourbon), Jim Fittipaldi!

More info on submitting stuff behind the jump. Come and party with us, 1907-style!

For inspiration or a place to start, visit here.

To submit a proposal, email Kim with a little info about yourself (please not too long, suitable for publication),
a description of your proposed spoken word / dance / discussion / song / presentation / culinary delight / other that you plan to do–and why it’s pertinent to 1907;
an estimate of how long the performance will take,
your contact info,
and any other helpful links Kim might need. More info on submitting stuff is here.