Sweatin’ Bullets (1/18/06): Malibu snowman

malibusnowman.jpg Eric at Blogdowntown has helped put together a “heat map” of downtown’s homeless population, and notes that our cold spell may have had a direct effect in there being 271 less homeless on Monday, Jan. 15th since Jan. 2nd.

The ex-Liberal In Hollywood recounts a grossly unjustified shooting the LAPD buried under the rug along with their other skeletons in the beautifully titled, The Dirty Little Secrets of LA’s Dirty Little Secrets.

Is LA’s Tiki culture going the way of the 76 Balls? Curbed LA reports that the legendary Trader Vics in Beverly Hills is being replaced by a high end hotel, and Lava Lounge on LaBrea will be converted into a new club. They wonder if the family owned Tiki-Ti might be next…

El Chavo complains about the escalating number of anti-shoplifting devices at his local Vons compared to the declining customer service their actual paying customers are receiving.

Mack at LA Voice believes the real crime isn’t the terrorist related mercury spill mentioned here, but the 8-hour delay between the report and the MTA calling in the Sheriff’s HAZMAT team to check it out.”

The LAPD Blog reports that a 17 year old and his mother were arrested in a raid on a cockfighting operation, where officers ended up seizing “a large quantity of narcotics, several stolen weapons… a cache of ammunition being stored in a child’s bedroom… 16 fighting roosters, nine hens, and one dead rooster from the backyard.”

…photo by keightdee of a Malibu snowman…