DEA – Go Away

At 9:45am there was a huge protest at the West Hollywood City Hall. Here’s the photo I snapped as I was stopped at the light.


I live right along the stretch of Santa Monica and there are 4 dispensaries within easy walking range (although I have never visited one, so I have no idea how the deal goes). I’m not sure which ones were hit by the bust yesterday, but most appeared closed last night and this morning. Here’s the press release from the city of WeHo decrying the busts, and here’s Salon’s take on the situation.

“The state of California voted to allow marijuana for medical purposes,” says West Hollywood City Councilmember Abbe Land. “The City of West Hollywood along with other cities across the state have established regulations to govern the dispensing of medical marijuana, so that people whose lives depend on this drug can be assured of safe access to their medicine. The DEA should spend their time going after dispensaries that are not operating in accordance with local ordinances, as well as unscrupulous doctors who write illegitimate prescriptions,” she continued.

There was nary a protest reminiscence when I drove by the scene again at 11:15.

* Article links – thanks Dana!