Dana DeArmond Needs Hugs & A Lot Of Help…


Pictured: Dana DeArmond during happier times @ Beauty Bar

(Headline borrowed from Fleshbot because I couldn’t come up with anything better.)

Two weeks into the New Year, and Vivid-Alt (MySpace) star Dana DeArmond (MySpace), who two weeks ago celebrated the release of her movie Dana DeArmond Does The Internet at Beauty Bar in Hollywood, is now unfortunately homeless (NSFW) due to a house fire last Friday in Pasadena while she was in Las Vegas for the 2007 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

As the self-proclaimed “Internet’s girlfriend,” she ironically found out about the tragedy on MySpace from a fan, and has since used the website to blog about her experience and ask for help:

i left LA tuesday for las vegas.
friday my house caught fire.
the neighbor across the hall had left a candle burning in a plastic cup.
i have lost literally everything.
the walls, roof and all contents of my house are completely destroyed.

the only things i own were in my suitcase i took to vegas.
(a few short skirts and stripper shoes mostly)

i lost some very expensive things i need for my work 24″ iMac, 2 external harddrives.
and i also lost things i needed for everyday. sneakers, tshirts, underwear, towels, sheets, my bed. etc.

literally everything is gone.
i went to the house and filmed today. hopefully we will have something edited and up on the net soon so you can see exactly how tragic this situation is.

i am very lucky to be alive and to have the support of my peers, friends, family and fans.

i am asking if there is anything you can donate
there are over 300,000 of you and one of me.
my boyfriend daniel (kakihara on my top8) has also lost everything.

is there anything you can send to help us get our lives back together?

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DeArmond has since continued to blog on MySpace, posting a video walkthrough of the remains of the house, setting up a PayPal donation fund, auctioning the bicycle featured the Vivid-Alt movie Girls Lie (which was apparently the only thing left intact at her house), and dealing with trolls.

Speaking of footage, there’s video of her house ablaze as well as her talking (unfortunately NSFW due to the surrounding ads on the page) about the tragedy at AEE (as if the walkthrough wasn’t heart-wrenching enough, seeing her maintain her composure during this interview is quite remarkable).

As for donations, there is aforementioned PayPal option, but there is also the snail-mail option:

and if there is anything you can send.
Dana DeArmond
PO BOX 93228
Pasadena CA 91109

i wear small/medium clothes
im pretty much a size 6
shoe size 7.5/8
bra size 34c
im 5’8″
pants 29/32

medium shirts
32/32 pants
11 shoe

and we need household type things as well
queen bedding
if you want to send gift certifiactes it would be great
every little bit helps!

thank you all so much

3 thoughts on “Dana DeArmond Needs Hugs & A Lot Of Help…”

  1. Dana didn’t have renter’s insurance. I didn’t even know it about it until everyone caused an uproar about why Dana didn’t have it.
    Don’t be an ass. She lost everything-pictures of her family, letters, clothes, etc.
    Imagine having to replace all of that all at once.
    That’s a lot.

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