Breaking: DEA Pot Raid Protest in WeHo

I’m up in San Francisco right now, but I just got a call from Heathervescent and it seems there is a big protest going on right now in front of the WeHo city hall. This CBS story seems to back it up. In case you missed it, the DEA raided and shut down 90% of the dispensaries in the LA area yesterday. Anyway, just wanted to give you guys that heads up via heather.

4 thoughts on “Breaking: DEA Pot Raid Protest in WeHo”

  1. Umm, I don’t think they shut down 90% of them…. however, they did shut down 4 in Weho, 1 in Hollywood and 2 in the valley. It’s pretty draconian, especially when you look at the number of AIDS patients who use these dispensary’s for managing illness. Both Police Chief Bratton and the DEA have no regard for the majority of Californians who voted in the Medical Marijuana laws. Mayor Viilagarosa should pay attention to the constiuents of LA County who overwhelmingly support safe and legal access to these dispensary’s. I’m ashamed and outraged at all of these politicians, especially the Mayor for not reminding the police chief that his job is to support the laws our society votes into effect.

  2. Well, I just found out that it’s city council who appoints the police chief, so I guess they are the ones who need to put a leash on the guy. Jeez.

  3. However neither Chief Bratton or the LAPD have anything to do with the city of West Hollywood…

  4. Ah yes – our Federal tax dollars at work – please send an email to Nancy Pelosi with your comments – PLEASE as a person who is a member of one of the clinics raided [email protected]

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