Bend It With Beckham! (or get your chance for $130)

I’m having a hard time setting up this story without making a cheap comparison to it being an American Idol  tryout for sports fans, or something about needing to have A list model looks to apply, but I’ll sum it up simply: If you ever dreamed of playing professional soccer, especially alongside arguably the greatest footballer EVER, next month you’ll be given a chance:

The Los Angeles Galaxy will be holding open tryouts on February 10th and 11th “for male soccer players ages 18 and older who believe they can succeed at the Major League Soccer level” at the Home Depot Center.

Deadline to register is February 5th or sooner if space fills up… and there’s a $130 fee for the chance to prove your mettle. (and if you’re contacting, it’ll take over 380,000 wannabes to cover Beckham’s $50 million contract).

registration info here… h/t techdig at Digg…

5 thoughts on “Bend It With Beckham! (or get your chance for $130)”

  1. “arguably the greatest footballer EVER”





    Actually, replace “arguably” with “nowhere near”, and you’re right.

    I know it was a joke, though.

    As for the tryouts, charging $130 is a pretty cynical move by the Galaxy, I think.

  2. $130?! Well, I guess they have to scrape that $250 million together somehow…I’m looking forward to the inevitable bake sale.

  3. The Galaxy aren’t paying Beckham $250m. $250m is his estimated earnings, mostly from endorsements and a percentage of Galaxy jersey sales. His actual playing salary is $10m/year, $400,000 of which MLS is paying (the league pays players, not the teams), the rest coming from AEG, who owns the Galaxy.

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