Valencia wiped off the map

valenciagoesboom.jpg24’s Jack Bauer can’t stop the terrorists from blowing up Valencia – here’s the video and info on how to simulate your own nuclear devastation

On Monday, just before 10am, terrorists detonated a small nuclear bomb in the northern Los Angeles community of Valencia.

Pffft. Lame.

I’m not wishing for a real attack on the city of Los Angeles by any means, but from a creative angle, choosing to blow up this somewhat removed suburb as a plot point on a top rated TV show was a bit of a cop out. Conveniently, the bomb was set off early, likely intended for a more populated and centrally located part of Los Angeles, but why did the producers deliberately choose not to nuke, say, downtown Los Angeles? Are the residents of Valencia less valuable?

Maybe the writers want to leave room for something bigger to happen later on, or maybe they felt if they blew up Hollywood they’d have a hard time topping this with a larger threat later on. But I can’t help feeling cheated out of the even larger controversy this could have caused, less of the fears about an actual nuclear attack, but more on a “what would you do?” level, providing a broader local context for people to discuss disaster readiness issues.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing what the physical effects of differing kinds of nuclear bombs might be in Los Angeles or other areas, you can check out the Hi-Yield Detonation Effects Simulator. Since this Google mashup is limited to showing structural damage, you might also want to check out the Federation of American Scientists’ Fallout Calculator, that has less options, but is equally creepy.

Then again, if you’re perfectly satisfied with watching Valencia getting pretend blown up, you can watch an outtake from the show after the jump:

PS: Eagle eyed Google Earth Community members determined the exact location the bomb on 24 would have gone off.

…screengrab via deambrosejr at Flickr…

7 thoughts on “Valencia wiped off the map”

  1. The plot holes have been so HUGE during the first four hours of this season that I think the Valencia thing isn’t such a big deal. Besides, if they wiped Metro L.A. off the map, it would put a serious crimp on future seasons.

  2. “Maybe the writers want to leave room for something bigger later on…”

    Indeed, Apparently this is just one of “five visitors” the terrorists have planned to detonate in L.A. One bomb down, four to go. But somehow I’m pretty sure Bauer Power will prevail and we won’t see anything but the terr’ists going boom.

  3. It’s about time the ‘burbs got a little attention… LOL.

    (I live Downtown so I am pretty used to getting blown up, wiped out, burned down and generally maligned in film and TV…)

  4. Would all that glowing radioactivity just been seen as challenge to gentification? Personally, I think it would take downtown getting nuked for me to finally afford a condo in this town.

  5. Oh my lord! I’ve been blown up! I guess this means that they’re paying some sort of homage to all the other dramatic action shows that get filmed in Santa Clarita. Or maybe not “homage” but more of a “our show gets better ratings than yours” sentiment.

  6. Spooky is an understatement, good thing I remember the duck and cover drills from kindergarten and the cuban missile crisis!

  7. I’m gonna guess LA industrial area is next. Those guys are filming over here all the time. Watch for the Starkman building, Palmetto and Mateo. It gets blown up in movies and TV all the time.

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