Tips to surviving this freak dusting in L.A.

It isn’t quite freezing yet, but Angelenos not accustomed to so much as a dusting (calling this snow is sensationalism) should heed the following bits of advice:

  • If you’ve been putting anything other than anti-freeze into your car’s coolant system, change it out NOW. I know, its common sense, but if the temperature drops below freezing, the water in your car will expand as it turns to ice, likely busting every hose and possibly cracking your radiator into uselessness.
  • Watch out for black ice. East Coasters, Midwesters, and anyone else who’s from anywhere else knows that even a little bit of moisture on the ground can ice over and become slippery than an oil slick. These spots are virtually indectable to the untrained eye, so be careful while driving in freezing temperatures in general, but be particularly careful on bridges and overpasses.

Please leave any other advice in the comments (besides “don’t eat yellow snow” – some asshat will always bring that up).

Ohio raised reader Allison writes in with this “bonus” tip:

  • In a pinch, a cassette tape case can work like an icescraper on your windsheild.  If you still have cassettes in your car, that is

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5 thoughts on “Tips to surviving this freak dusting in L.A.”

  1. I remember way back when I had my first car (1991), I was up at Mt Baldy Village with some friends. As we were heading back down the mountain I hit a patch of black ice, doing a 360 on the narrow road. But having learned to drive in Chicago during the winter, I took it in stride. As I stepped out of the car after it stopped and my friends were looking on, expressions of shock on their faces, I said, “that gentlemen, is what is known–in technical terms–as ‘doing a donut’.”

  2. File this one under “Don’t Drive Like an Asshat”:

    Snow is wet, too. Even without ice, the roads can get SLICK when lightly dusted.

    And this one belongs under “I Grew Up In Ohio, so I’m Smart About This Sh*t” :
    In a pinch, a cassette tape case can work like an icescraper on your windsheild. If you still have cassettes in your car, that is.

  3. I have a house at 6000 feet in the mountains above Idyllwild where I go to escape my place downtown, so I am used to this stuff, sometimes several feet at a time – and I grew up in “real” snow country – upstate NY – and my best advice is… enjoy the dusting, SLOW THE F*** DOWN on the roads, and above all – take some pictures. It happens here about once in a typical 20 year period… so this might be the best shot of this for a while. Then again, the way things have been the past few years, we could have a blizzard in Long Beach next week.

    Anyone remember that unbelievable hail storm that slammed the Compton – Lynwood area several years ago? Now THAT was a freak storm…

  4. duuuude, thanks for the reminder about non-glycol coolant, which is all I use in my bike. Hmmm. Might need to find a nice ‘lectric blankie for my baby, it gets awful cold in that garage.

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