The Lovemakers’ Top 10 Reasons To Quit Your Job In 2007…


Pictured (top): Scott Blonde, Ken Hard, Brandon Arnovick & Lisa Light

The Lovemakers (MySpace) are an Oakland-based band who were voted “Best Indie Band of 2006” by the readers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Timothy Norris from Ice Cream Man raved about The Lovemakers’ December 2005 performance, opening for She Wants Revenge (MySpace) @ The Troubadour: “With their sexy, passionate, hot, sweaty, wet, turbocharged electro-pop the Lovemakers were on fire. An amazing performance…”

They also had a residency in March 2006 @ Spaceland, which LA-Underground summarized as: “breathtaking.”

Lead singer and guitarist Scott Blonde told me, after they headlined in November 2006 with Gram Rabbit (MySpace) @ The Troubadour, that they’ll be back in the springtime for a series of shows. In the meantime, here are their reasons to quit your job this year, as written by singer/bassist/violinist Lisa Light:

The Lovemakers’ Top 10 Reasons To Quit Your Job In 2007:

  1. “Capitalism works, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.”
  2. “Going to work is boring.”
  3. “Beauty sleep.”
  4. “You can check myspace at home.”
  5. “Shoplifting is easy.”
  6. “Spend more time with your cat.”
  7. “Hippie-folk-bohemian-dirtbag fashion is back.”
  8. “Keep your trust fund friends company.”
  9. “Murakami.”
  10. “Working sucks.”

Three photos from their November performance @ The Troubadour after the jump.

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