stormwatch is going to go nuts today

While I’ve actually enjoyed the novelty of this record-breaking cold thing (because I’m not a citrus farmer, I guess) things are getting a little weird and possibly dangerous out there right now, as a combination of rain showers and a cold air mass hang out over Southern California today.

According to the National Weather Service, “A band of light precipitation moving over Los Angeles and eastern Ventura County combined with a shallow cold air mass in place is producing sleet and isolated snow flurries as low as 1500 feet. This includes Highway 126 through Piru…Interstate 5 through Santa Clarita and Newhall…Highway 118 through eastern Simi Valley and the western San Fernando Valley…and all roads through the Santa Monica Mountains. Drivers are urged to use caution. Slow down. Do not make sudden movements on the roadway as roadways could be icy or slushy and you could lose control of your vehicle.”

Since Los Angeles drivers are notoriously horrible already, and even worse when it rains, I shudder to think what it’s going to be like out there today if it actually gets to sleet or snow flurries.