List Rantings: Thrillist, 24, Alias, The Shield, and more

If you have eyes, there’s a good chance you saw this photo that eecue posted last night and still trying to figure out WTF. Well, see, the authors of this site have a mailing list, and often we throw around ideas of things we can write about. Some times those ideas make their way into posts, sometimes they just result in 20 e-mails on a crazy stream of consciousness. Last night was the latter. Keep reading after the jump for the round up of basically what happened.

(Caveat: Everything below is taken completely out of context, is edited, and might have even been made up on the fly. Even by me.)

Markland: “Thrillist… I’m unimpressed… Do I really need another source for club or restaurant reviews? Let alone one a day, five days a week? Why the hell isn’t this a blog?…does anyone have any insight into what they’re about that maybe I’ve missed?”

Michele: “I’m not interested in some e-mail for a sports bar”

eecue: “Thrillist seems pretty good…. for me to poop on.”

Sean: “Likewise, We wave the flag that we only writing about things that are interesting to us and clearly this isn’t.”

Markland: “I’m just disappointed that after all the hype, its a glorified mailing list… BTW, why hasn’t anyone here written about the ridiculousness of the terrorists on 24 hitting Valenicia? What kind of cheap bit terrorist would go for Valencia?”

Will C: “I actually steered my gripes with the Sunday night part of the premiere of 24 onto my own blog. As to Valencia going boom last night Indeed it seems an unlikely target for a nuke but my thinking is that wasn’t the intended target. See, the feds were closing in and the terr’ists detonated it in the midst of the assault.”

Ben High: “I love 24 but can anyone say “crazy neocon wank-fest” ?”

Wil W: “You beat me to it. I can’t watch it past the second season. “24” has done more to make people think that we should just lock up and torture everyone in the world because they /might/ be a Very Bad Person than anything else out there.”

Sean: “Really? I can’t watch past the 2nd season because it flat out sucks. Can anyone say 47 too many story lines that I don’t give a shit about? If you want a good spy show, it’s all about Alias.”

eecue: “Despite the fact that my only tv only connects to my DVD player and my computer, I personally think the only good drama on TV is the shield and i am planning a multitude of posts about it as soon as it finally fucking airs in a few months.”

Ben High: “Alias is a great spy show if you know NOTHING about spying or like your spy shows to play something like “The New Dawson’s Creek (Now with more punching!)” That’s not to say it’s a bad show, but i think 24 and alias both have their places and they’re vastly different. the shield though? untouchable.”

eecue: “I think it is pretty safe to say that none of us actually know anything about spying. the only problem with the shield is that it doesn’t take place in Rampart.”

Wil W: “Alias lost me when it got all mystical and “The Prophecy” on my ass. Did that play out and it got okay? Because right up until that (near the end of the first season) I fucking LOVED that show.”

Sean: “Totally. that Michael Chickets guy is HAWT! Even if he’s only 4’8″ tall.”

Wil W: “I hear he wears 5″ lifts, too. (actually, I just made that up. look for it on tmz within 36 hours)”

eecue: “I’m in SF with the wife googling images… Wil relatedAlias related… ”

Wil W: “I wish I was in SF right now”
Sean: “Wil would know because they are like best buddies or something. Here’s a photo I took of them hanging out one night.”

Wil W: “If that doesn’t somehow find its way onto, the terrorists have won. Do I have to call Jack Bauer?”

Sean: “Jack is in SF right now too, here’s proof … I’ll excerpt this whole thread into a post, any one have any objections to being quoted?”

Markland: “Quote away… but I only speak for myself. Wil, think about this decision first – you don’t want Chiklis (sp?) reading your pumps comment on Defamer and then coming to kick your ass.”

Wil W: “Oh I’m not afraid of him; I can always just stand on a chair if he comes after me.”

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  1. I really think that the survival of the world depends on getting someone to try on that sweater, and then first-goatse’ing them.

  2. ::redirected from

    this is the most random and yet oddly hilarious thing i’ve read today. i’m *that* girl snickering at her macbook in the coffee shop.

    thank you, thank you.

    (and i thought i was the only blogger with WAY too much time on my hands.)

  3. *:From Live Journal:*

    That sweater is evil, pure scary and evil. I hope it doesn’t exist anymore; my nightmares are now having nightmares!

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