let it snow, apparently

Snow in NewhallIf you read my earlier post and thought to yourself, “Damn, Gina! I want to see some of that snow for myself!” KNBC is your new BFF.

They’re currently streaming video of . . . well, a bunch of snow sitting on the ground. It’s kind of like watching grass grow, but instead of grass it’s snow, and instead of growing, it’s just sitting there . . . but, hey, snow in Southern California!

Link to video stream. Probably not safe for people who are easily excitable.

(In all seriousness, the 5 is closed over the grapevine, and there’s a real chance of seriously dangerous snow all over the local mountain roads, so don’t get stupid and try to drive up Angeles Crest so you can check it out, or you may be checking it out from the bottom of the mountain.)

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