Cruxshadows, Ayria, Ego Likeness at Knitting Factory

I admit it, I’m behind in my concert monitoring methods. So it’s a good thing that this morning, the boyfriend looked up from his LA Weekly and said, “Hey, the Cruxshadows are playing the Knitting Factory tomorrow. Do you want to go?”

Do I! The Cruxshadows are one of the more iconic goth bands, having been around for almost fifteen years in some form or another. The term “Cruxshadows sound” is applied to other bands in the genre, including The Last Dance, who always seem to be playing some show or other around SoCal, being from the OC and all. And I’m a big fan of my fellow Canadian Ayria, whom I saw at Bats Day last summer.

Anyways. For those that, like me, didn’t hear about the show until today, you can get tickets at the Knitting Factory site, and they’re only twelve bucks! Seriously, that’s like, the cost of club cover! Since Disko Nekro is now on Saturdays instead of Wednesdays (check link for details, it was resurrected last weekend), if you’re dark-minded in Los Angeles, it isn’t like there’s anything else to do on a Wednesday.