LA Gamers Enjoy Midnight Warcraft Release

If you don’t play video games, I’m telling you right now to move on to the next post before you get totally bored. If you do play video games…OMFG Burning Crusade is almost here!!!11!!11!! To celebrate tomorrow’s launch of Burning Crusade, the expansion pack for the hugely successful MMO World of Warcraft, Irivine-based gamemaker Blizzard Entertainment is throwing some (mostly) SoCal exclusive midnight launch parties. Locally, there will be a scant 1,500 copies available at Universal Citywalk Gamestop/EB Games, but there are events in Fountain Valley and Anaheim as well. The KROQ street team will, for some bizarre reason, be on hand at the Fountain Valley Fry’s location and the radio promo they’re running says there will be signed copies of the game. Who do you supposed signs your game on release night? A programmer?

Update: Duh. Just realized that the very top of that page says that members of the development team will be on hand at all of the four events. So, if you want a game developers signature on your game box there you go.

6 thoughts on “LA Gamers Enjoy Midnight Warcraft Release”

  1. 1982, Waiting in line overnight for tickets to The Who/The Clash.

    1988, Waited in line and took day off from design school to meet Paulina.

    1988-2007, Waited in line many times at Pinks to have a hot dog.

    2003, Waited in line to buy iBook for Crystal the day the Apple Store, Glendale opened.

    2007, NOT waiting in line for Burning Crusade, ordered from Amazon August 2006.

  2. I went to the Fountain Valley Fry’s for the only midnight launch they had for WoW. Got there at 10:30 PM and the line was around the block already. By the time I got into the store, they’d sold out of Collector’s Editions and I ended up being out in the cold until 3:30 AM for a normal edition signed by two random Blizzard people who to this day I don’t know who they were.

    Luckily for me, I dropped my WoW subscription a few months ago and don’t plan to re-up for BC.

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