Travel LA like a hip, poor, carless tourist

XLALogo.gifActual conversation I had recently with another LA blogger:

me: it would be cool if there was a map that showed cool things to do within a block or two off each subway stop
Blogger X: ummmm

me: ?
Blogger X:
the site is dedicated to that
you should blog about it
obviously if you don’t know about XLA, then many others don’t

And, yeah, after taking a look, Experience LA has just that – just click the “getting around” tab on the home page, and you’ll be able to navigate through some maps, many of which offer hotlinks from specific subway stops to nearby areas of interest. Granted, it would be nice if this was interactive and “wikified” a bit, but for something as official as LA’s Official Cultural Calendar & Trip Planner, its pretty kickin’.

5 thoughts on “Travel LA like a hip, poor, carless tourist”

  1. Thanks, Metrorider! Sounds like you’re working towards something with more of the intent I’m looking for.

    DB: Thanks! ExperienceLA also has a blog, and a number of other features that are worth checking out. For a pro site, its really pretty good and not the usual corporate dribble.

  2. what about Vindigo? great app for mobile devices that shows bars, resturants, movies, etc and does not require internet connection. unfortunatly it does not display google quality maps and can’t be viewed on a desktop or laptop, but it works great on palms sized screens and has a slick interface.

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