24 makes 103.1 Commercial Free, Sort Of

All week I’ve been hearing on 103.1 how they are going to go commercial free all day today and tomorrow in celebration of the 24 season premier, sponsored by them in fact. So this morning I drive to the grocery store expecting commercial free 103 but what do I get? the ENTIRE time I was in the car the DJ was on his knees blowing fax and 24 and going on and on about how they are sponsoring 103 all day so there are no commercials and everyone should go watch 24 because OMG Jack Bauer is soo bad ass and go watch 24 and yeah no commercials all day. Except guess what? THAT IS A COMMERCIAL! Commercial free would be the DJ talking about the music and then playing it. Yapping on and on about a TV show everyone should go watch because they paid to sponsor the whole day is just different kind of commercial. Puke.

8 thoughts on “24 makes 103.1 Commercial Free, Sort Of”

  1. Disgusting and all too common. It’s as bad as so-called network “news” programs endlessly plugging the prime-time shows on their own network… and then doing a “news analysis” of the show afterword… Living in this country has become a matter of dealing with a non-stop ad blitz… it’s so bad now that to go “no label” and not put ads into your head, one would have to live naked in a cave somewhere far, far away.

    I don’t bother with TV except for an occasional football game, and listen to the radio for traffic reports. Movies are littered with “product placements” to the point where most films are a sad joke. LA – the center of the prostituting, shameless, self promoting money grubbing media industry. Any romance and value this “industry” used to have has been squandered in the name of ratings, revenue and sponsorship. S0 – let’s all watch the Super Bowl… the commercials are supposed to be even better this year!

  2. I gave up on commercial radio years ago. My beef is with public radio (and TV for that matter), which has become full of commercials. Sure, they call it “underwriting”, but when it’s the same advertising as on commercial broadcast, the euphemism becomes obvious. As for 103.1, I guess it says a lot about what they think of their lemmings, er, listeners.

  3. Get over yourself — have you never had this experience before? Are you new on the planet?

    If you want free radio and TV, commercials and sponsorships and pledge drives are the price of admission. If you want ad-free radio and TV, buy subscription-only services like HBO and XM (but you’re still going to get self-promos).

    I’m always amazed at the amount of bitching that people do about ads on media they don;t have to pay to receive. Radio stations and TV networks and newspapers and websites are businesses with payrolls and expenses. They have to pay the bills. It’s life. Get over it.

  4. yeah, I don’t give a crap about commercials, what I’m bitching about is them waving the “commercial free” flag non-stop for a week and then just running different kinds of commercials and expecting no one to figure it out.

  5. Lee,

    It’s not a matter (for me at least) of “getting something for free”. It is a matter of not being able to anywhere or do anything, except maybe hiking in the mountains on a weekday, without getting bombarded by an ever increasing, constant and shrill ad blitz for almost everything. I cannot go to a gas station without hearing their PA system playing ads. Billboards muck up the scenery. Radio ads on a station that bills istelf (or a block of time) as commercial-free simply stink – especially if the ads are like Sean sais they were. By the way, I don’t expect to get anything for free. I am a paid subscriber to more than one public media unit, I am a consumer who certainly does my part, whether I like it or not, to support those things advertised, and I am a businessman – I hold my nose at this ad stuff with the full realization that I participate as well.

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