Sweatin’ Bullets (1/13/06): Tethered

olympians.jpg Zach Behrens puts a fire under LA’s butt and explains why Chicago will likely be the U.S. choice for the 2016 Olympics bid.

LA Voice posts an entry by “StanleyGrey” who explains why the stereotype of bad Chinese drivers in America is simply “the truth”.

Actual community news on Valley News? Looks like it: Judy Hammond posts info on California’s new tethering law, “the tethering of a dog to any stationary object for more than three hours in a 24-hour period.”

Had a nasty encounter with a bus driver? A rough ride on the Metro? The blog aptly titled What’s Wrong With L.A. Public Transportation has a handy guide on “how to file a complaint against the MTA”.

Fightin’ Mad Mary finds gas in Santa Monica going for $8.49/gallon… for 100 octane racing fuel!

News from St. Louis about the two recovered boys (one missing four days, the other missing four years) should encourage people to give a second look to flyers and posters for missing kids – local sites providing pics and seeking information on these children include LA County’s Missing Kids L.A.,the National Voice for Children, Find the Children, and the National Missing Children’s Locate Center.

…photo by Rod Monkey…